Dr. Muhamed Ismail Seyan

Chairman and acting CEO of 
Hawkary pharmaceutical Group

Dr. Muhamed has more than 30 years experience in pharmaceutical sector. He has continued to expand the network of Hawkary Group while providing high-value added services that assist employees and clients of Hawkary in expanding business operations.

Dr. Muhamed Seyan received a Golden Award for Quality & Business Prestige from OtherWays Management & Consulting Association in Geneva. OtherWays’ International Award Acknowledgement program is based on a business-oriented association which focuses on the micro economic levels of small and medium sized companies deliberated to promote economic relations and establish new commercial contacts.

  • Executive Chairman of “TeamMart”
    TeamMart is a huge market chain consists of over 110 branches distributed in Iraqi Kurdistan. Continuous improvements and strategic planning are some of the strengths of Dr. Muhamed which has seen TeamMart concepts gradually increase its size and operations since 2008.
  • Shareholder of Kirkuk Mall.
  • Shareholder and acting CFO of Manart Al Mudn
  • Shareholder of Smileland and Mihrabani hospital.
  • Owner of Med Products and Mera Pharma GmbH.
  • Board Director of Investors Union of Kurdistan-Iraq since 2011.
  • Golden Award from OtherWays Management & Consulting Association in Geneva.
  • B.S c. Degree in Business and Administration.
    Dr. Muhamed received BSc degree in Business and Administration in University of Salahaddin.
  • Honorary PHD Degree in Business and Administration.
    Dr. Muhamed Ismail holds Honorary PHD degree in Business and Administration from “The International Civilization Open University” in UK and he was selected as “Economist Expert”.

Mr. Ahmed Ismail Seyan

Vice-Chairman of 
Hawkary pharmaceutical Group

Acting CEO of Manart Al-Mudn.
Manart Al Mudn is Contracting, trading and real estate investment company.

Owner of Water Park, Kirkuk Mall and Batumi view.

Board Director of Hawkary Pharmaceuticals

Director of Mihrabani Hospital, Mihrabani Hospital is a private hospital concerned with the medical development and service of patients and people with low incomes.

  • Vice-Chairman of Hawkary Group
  • Board Director of Hawkary since the company foundation in 1992.  He played a key role in the continued development strategic reseller and supplier relationships, ensuring flexibility in response to an increasingly demanding marketplace.
  • Owner of Med Products and Mera Pharma GmbH.
  • Strategic plan on leadership Certificate
  • Executive Chairman of “Smileland”
  • Smileland is a huge amusement chain in Iraq contains several games that are relevant to children of all ages. The purpose of Smileland is to improve a children life, helping children growth, making positive interactions between children and families. Mr. Ahmed Ismail constantly working on bringing success to Smileland for customers.
    He continually contributes toward enhancing their corporate value, care for people and deliver happiness through innovation.

Mr. Omer Muhamed Ismail Seyan

Chief Operation Officer of 
Hawkary pharmaceutical Group

“We Exploit what we
have explored previously”.

In today’s fast-moving and changing markets, companies no longer just want a vendor who responds to requests at a minimal cost – they need an innovative partner that can quickly turn ideas and projects into value-generators with minimal cash burn, and that’s what we do.

  • Chief Operating Officer of Hawkary Pharmaceuticals Company Driving the company’s operating capabilities to surpass customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Board director of Hawkary since 2019, has experiences in pharmaceuticals sector.
  • Since 2008, started the journey of work. He started in TeamMart from the lowest to highest positions day by day to achieve the goals of company. TeamMart is the first chain market in Iraq. Today there is more than 110 markets around Iraqi-Kurdistan, And now he is the Chief Operating Officer of Hawkary pharmaceuticals company. His goal is to make his company to be the number-one distribution company around Iraq.
  • Vice President of Mustawfi Group.
    Mustawfi Group, which is a dynamic, well-known and organized company, located in Iraqi – Kurdistan, a diverse group of successful internal companies (TeamMart Hypermarket Chain – Mustawfi Logistics Company – Koch Company ).
  • Leadership of Creative Graduate Course. B.S c. Degree in Business and administration.
  • Mr. Omer has BSc degree in Business and administration in Lebanese French University.